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Intergenerational Programs

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The Kids Business Network is designed to teach kids ages 6-16 how to build a business, invest their profits and save for a rainy day. This is a 3-tier program and upon completion of the six-week program, they will be awarded with a KidCEO Certificate.


Tier 1 -Youth Entrepreneur Workshops

Tier 2 - Youth Business Expo

Tier 3 -Youth Business Network

The program consist of:

  • 12 hours of learning and fun

  • Identify a business idea that is fun-and profitable

  • Win customers, learn the basics of customer service

  • Social Media - Learn how to stay safe and get the most out of social media

  • Fish Tank Game - Learn how to present their business professionally

  • Create their millionaire profile - create a business resume

  • Learn how to create a budget and make smart money decisions

  • Prepare for the Kids Business Fair

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