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What is National Black Grandmothers Day?

National Black Grandmothers Day is a day reserved to honor black grandmothers and pay tribute to the generations before them and those that will come after them during Black History Month. Through this representation of Black Grandmothers, we aim to inspire and engage with our communities and experience the Voices of Black Grandmothers who are the thread of our culture.


February 7, 2023 will be our 16th year anniversary that we have supported black grandmothers. We have grown our platform to over 23,000 grandmothers in our Private Facebook Group. Over the past 20 years the roles of grandmothers have had increased responsibility for their grandchildren. Grandmothers have become the head of the household, raising their grandchildren, working outside of the home and starting their own businesses.

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Ways to celebrate

This day will be celebrated through public events, recognitions and supporting grandmothers that are raising their grandchildren. We will tap into the wisdom and knowledge of grandmothers by hosting virtual talks. We will also provide an opportunity for our grandchildren to show their appreciation for their grandmothers.


Write a letter to a Black Sister - Start your letter with Dear Black Woman, I See You _________, 

I see you sister, I see you daughter, I see you elder, I see you entrepreneur, I see you mom, I see you wifey, I see you activist, I see you side hustler 

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