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Grand Facilitator Pilot Program

The Grand Facilitator Program is a community-based initiative that harnesses the experience, wisdom, and nurturing qualities of grandmothers to support and empower individuals and families within the community. This program recognizes the vital role that grandmothers play in the lives of their families and the broader community.

Key Objectives:

  1. Support and Mentorship: Grandmother facilitators serve as mentors and provide emotional and practical support to individuals and families in need, especially those facing challenging circumstances such as poverty, illness, or family disruption.

  2. Health and Wellness: In many cases, these programs focus on improving the health and well-being of the community, particularly children and mothers. Grandmothers may be trained to promote proper nutrition, hygiene, and healthy practices.

  3. Education: Some programs may involve grandmothers in educational initiatives, where they can help with homework, literacy, or vocational skills training for children and adults in the community.

  4. Cultural Preservation: Grandmothers often play a critical role in preserving cultural traditions, values, and indigenous knowledge. Programs may encourage the transmission of cultural wisdom to younger generations.

  5. Community Mobilization: Grandmother facilitators may also work to mobilize the community for collective action, such as organizing neighborhood events, advocating for social services, or participating in community development projects.


Key Activities: Activities within a Grandmother Facilitator Program may include:

  • Regular mentoring and counseling sessions with individuals or families.

  • Organizing workshops or training sessions on various topics like health, nutrition, or parenting.

  • Promoting intergenerational communication and activities to strengthen family bonds.

  • Collaborating with local healthcare providers and social services agencies.

  • Advocating for the needs and concerns of their community within local government or organizations.


Benefits: The Grandmother Facilitator Program can have several positive impacts:

  • Empowerment of grandmothers to play active roles in their communities.

  • Strengthening of community bonds and resilience.

  • Improved well-being and outcomes for individuals and families in need.

  • Preservation of cultural heritage and traditions.

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