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Who We Are

Voices of Black Grandmothers is a community of Grandmothers that share information, experiences and celebrate the joys of being a grandparent in today’s tech-savvy world. 


​VOBG, welcomes people of all religions, races, educational backgrounds and income levels. Anyone that supports the mission of VOBG is welcome to join.

Looking Younger...Living Longer

Our Mission

To promote the role of grandparents and commit to taking action to improve the quality of life for our grandchildren and our community.

  • To empower women of color to build strong communities.

  • To raise the status of women through education, raising awareness, literacy and training.

  • To be role models for future generations.

  • To challenge ALL stereotypes that Black women have faced for centuries.

  • To create a platform for women to "Raise Our Voices" in support of each other.

  • To help Grandparents be a force for good through positive grandparenting

  • To enable Grandparents to remain engaged in community service

  • To encourage Grandparents to remain physically and mentally active through recreation

  • To address social and economical issues Grandparents may be facing

  • To learn and share resources available to Grandfamilies

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